Air Drive System Technology
New Safe Wind Energy Collector
Solar Energy Harvester
Electric Power Generation

Energy Storage System
Clean Coal Power
Water Sponge

Welcome to Mr 1 Inventor.  Here at Mr 1 Inventor we have a passion for thinking outside the box. Our inventions are clean and green.  Saving our world, by solving the world's energy problems through creative inventing.  This is just the way it is at Mr 1 Inventor.  This means a cleaner, healthier world for YOU and your family.

We will be putting out more information explaining the different technologies that will be available.  Smart innovative, technologies that will make your life cleaner, greener, energy $aving, and keeping the environment sustainable for future generations. 

Technologies where pick-up trucks deliver over 100 mpg with lots of torque!  Technologies that have the power to run San Onofre Power Plant safe and clean with no nuclear waste!    Technologies that will safely generate methane without Fracking.

Mr 1 Inventor needs your help to develop cleaner and greener technologies.