Air Drive POWER System
Cars and Trucks100+mpg!
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Want incredible fuel economy, exceptional power, green energy, and clean air! Let the air power and torque in a tornado, drive your vehicle! Letís take the automotive technology, finally into the 21st Century!

Air Drive is revolutionary because it runs purely on air supplied by either plug-in or a hybrid multi-fuel engine that is connected to a advanced air compressor. Air Drive delivers continuous torque. There is no transmission, just a two speed planetary clutch arrangement.

A full-size vehicle (5000 to 15,000lbs) may achieve the mileage in the range of 100-175 miles per gallon (mpg) of fuel. Depending on the driving conditions and how the operator of the vehicle handles the situation. This is based on estimates on a Ford Expedition that weighed in at 7500 pounds.

A standard engine has to rev up, to deliver 500 foot pounds at about 3,000 to 3600 revolutions per minute (rpm), in order to generate this amount of torque. Not with the Air Drive System! The Air Drive System can generate enough torque from zero to 60 mph within seconds!
Air Drive Motor can deliver 600 ft. lbs. of high torque POWER! Hauling, pulling, go up hills is easy with the Air Drive Motor. No transmission is needed for the Air Drive vehicle. That means full torque is available anytime. If you need speed and power, you do not have to waste fuel with shifting, instant power and excellent acceleration!

With an Air Drive Motor you can choose to go with a hybrid engine that runs on gasoline and or flex fuel. Either way you will get amazing mileage and power. The hybrid engine shuts down when not needed, saving the owner money.

The Air Drive System does not generate heat that wastes fuel. The Air Drive Motor exhaust is clean air. The Air Drive can stop quicker with its Air Stop Technology, but vehicles will also have disk brakes.  Start saving your gas and money, and start driving an Air Drive vehicle!

30 to 60 mpg!!!

If you own or drive large delivery trucks, big rigs, motor homes and buses you know the cost of fuel is staggering! With the Air Drive System it is estimated a tractor-trailer rig set up equipped with the Air Drive System can achieve fuel economy in the range of between 30 to 60 mpg. It does depend on the driving conditions, the road conditions and the payload. Even for a big rig this may be obtainable with an 80,000 pound load.

With continuous torque you will definitely save BIG at the pump. If youíre driving on flat highway youíre going to get better mileage then if youíre pulling a steep grade, but youíre still going to save on fuel costs either way.

The Air Drive System is a workhorse capable of handling the heaviest loads. It is comparable to a big workhorse diesel engine. And it will not lose power on the steepest grade with the heaviest loads. Our Air Drive System will deliver the torque that is necessary to hold the grade.

In a big rig you may have a four-speed planetary clutch system for those really heavy loads. The computer system will know what to do and when to do it. To handle the downgrades the Air Drive System will shift into the downhill retarder mode. It can hold the speed without the need of having to burn up your brakes on the downgrade. The system will hold a constant speed because itís recovering air pressure.

The system can reverse itself on-the-fly without any damage to the Air Drive System. This will keep the vehicle at a constant speed all the way down to the bottom. If the speed starts to increase, the system will automatically start applying reverse pressure. It also has a built in override reverse braking system that is independent of the regular breaks. However you do have regular brakes as well.

Retro Fitting
The Air Drive Motor can be installed in many cars, trucks and most vehicles on the road today. YES including commercial big rigs, busses, etc.! 

Install an Air Drive Motor into your 1958 ford pick-up truck .  You will have a GREEN MACHINE, saving fuel, money and being environmentally friendly.

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