In 1995 the world was dealing with power outages.  Many people around the world then and now do not have quality electrical supply. Mr 1 Inventor had an idea that day in 1995, and he could not wait.  It was 3:00 in the morning.  He grabbed his notebook and started putting his ideas down on paper. Then later that day he went to his workshop and he started to build his first prototype. He was excited because his prototype worked!

This was new technology that the world has not seen.  Mr 1 Inventor knew he had something special to share with mankind and the world. Mr 1 Inventor had high standards and wanted his new technology to have the capability to generate large amounts of clean electrical power and also store that electrical power without batteries or capacitors.   

It has almost been 2 decades. A large amount of personal monies, his time, and strong drive for commitment has kept him on his path.  Mr 1 Inventor can now implement his technologies that Mr 1 Inventor has invented.

Funding inventions and new technologies is time consuming and expensive. Cost alone can slow or stop many a brilliant inventor or idea.  Most inventors may have given up or sell their technologies just to survive. Then their ideas are shelved by companies.  Mr 1 Inventor is tenacious, and wants to do good for people and the environment.  With your help we can achieve clean and green energy for all.

Mr 1 Inventor has been an engineer most of his life.  Wearing many hats he knows mechanical, hydraulics, pneumatics, electronics, etc.