Clean Coal
We have invented a way to generate power from coal cleanly, without pollutants or particulates released into the atmosphere or ground water. The coal is first processed in a particular way so all the energy can be released from the coal, once this is done the generating process proceeds.

It is a continuous process. No particulates or pollutants are ever released into the atmosphere or groundwater. Once the coal has been processed and the energy has been released, from it power has been generated from coal into energy.The particulates and pollutants that have been captured from the coal are made into a form that can be easily handled and could be used as useful material with many uses.


That energy from this process would be outstanding and all without pollution the electrical energy generated from this process would be clean electrical energy. No longer would there be a smoke clogged atmosphere form coal power generation. Coal power generation can be clean. It is about how you process the coal to generate the power. It is the first, second and the third steps that are crucial in creating clean power from coal. This process can also work with crude oil for sludge oils.

CLEAN ELECTRIC POWER FROM COAL... (The drawing is not a true representation of the actual process) This drawing only represents a power producing system that uses Coal as its main fuel without pollution or particulates put into the atmosphere (The drawing does not show how the system truly works). The system can produce amounts of electrical power, while it is using only approximately 10% to 20% of the normal amount of Coal to produce the same amount of power as conventional coal generating units use now. All the electrical energy that is produced by the system is green and clean energy. There are no smokestacks or any pollution released into the atmosphere. All the waste products of the Coal consumption comes out as a solid product that may be used as building material, other purposes or can be replaced back into the ground as fill back. No particulates matter or material is released into the Atmosphere in any system operations.

HEAT POLLUTION... The generating system does not create large amounts of waste heat while it is generating electrical energy. Most electrical power generating systems, using Coal or any other fuel will produce lots of pollution while it is also producing large amount of waste heat while generating electric power. This system will clean up the air while satisfying the demands for electrical power worldwide.

ENERGY STORAGE... The system also stores all the energy produced by the Coal, no unused energy is ever wasted. The energy is only used as there is a demand for the energy. If there is less of a demand there is less energy used. Energy Storage is a critical part of the generating system. As the energy is removed from the coal it is stored in the storage portion of the system. Then when the demand for electrical is needed the stored energy is instantly converted into Electrical Power.  

THE SYSTEM REALLY WORKS... In Beijing China and all over the world the air is heavy with pollution and all this dirty air is affecting all living things. The Thirst for electrical energy to run the world is constant. The system will save valuable resources and $$$ while powering the world.   

COAL IS ABUNDANT AND CAN BE MADE CLEAN....... Yes Coal has the reputation of being dirty. Coal power generation done right can be clean. All it takes is the right equipment to process the Coal properly to generate power with Coal.

THIS SYSTEM CAN BE USED....... To run on crude oil, diesel oil, trash or waste material while offering clean and green operation with no pollution released into the air or ground water. All byproducts of the system operations are released in a solid form as the coal byproducts are released.    

BIO TRASH..... The system can be set up to process all the organic municipal trash: Plant clippings, Paper products, Wood materials, or a verity of organic municipal trash.