Why put lives in danger????

San Onofre
Clean Green Power Machine

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CLEAN Power to the People
  Every dollar spent on nuclear is one less dollar spent on clean renewable energy and one more dollar spent on making the world a comparatively dirtier and a more dangerous place, because nuclear power and nuclear weapons go hand in hand.
Mark Z. Jacobson


With the Nuclear fear of then and now, we think of Fukushima, painful memories and current fears. The leaks at San Onofre Power Plant are a real fear for the 8.4 million people  who live in the San Diego, Ca. and the surrounding areas that cannot be ignored. It is obvious that nuclear power is not the safest way to generate electrical power. Not for the environment, people and animals. The need for electricity will not stop for San Diego, our nation and all the world. Just because San Onofre Power Plant is shut down and decommissioned the supplied area still needs electric power. How do we provide electricity safely to the masses?

Mr 1 Inventor has created a power generation system that is green, very clean and powerful. It can potentially have twice the amount of generator drive power as the present San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant. It runs on clean natural gas and it is NOT a gas turbine. Our power generation system will save the public and Edison millions of dollars, while protecting the planet,  environment, health of its people and all living things. Making San Onofre a totally green power machine, the first of its kind!

Best of all, it has the ability to store all the unused power. No batteries or capacitors needed. It is a revolutionary technology that is very safe and reliable. During emergencies, when the grid goes down, and power is needed, it will be there! Without brown outs or black outs, or outages this can be comforting and lifesaving. The stored energy is safe and reliable, used as needed. This new technology would have the potential to store about 30 days of extra stored energy. Let's all start working smarter and safer! This new technology is the answer to our electrical energy problems.

The San Onofre Power Plant would have very large Torque Drive Units that would deliver the power and torque required to turn the existing massive generators with No Radiation, No Gas Turbines, No Big Engines and NO Pollution. The power generation would be absolutely green and clean.

IMAGINE: The old San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant will become the San Onofre Clean Green Power Machine.  We the people together can make it happen! We the people deserve clean and green electricity! We the people do not want polluted poison power in our backyards!

Once known as San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant a potential disaster that would endanger millions of lives, NOW would be known as The Green Clean Power Machine, the greenest, safest, big power plant in the world! Power without pollution or radiation, CLEAN power to the people!

The Green Clean Power Machine

It will take two Torque Power Drive Systems to develop the Torque to drive the two existing 1,100 Megawatt generators for a total of 2,200 megawatts. There is a very large platform that the generators are mounted on. This is where the torque drive units will be mounted to drive the generators. All the power generating system will be ran on natural gas. We can also add extra generating power that would be able to add an additional 1,000 or 2,000 megawatts, all without adding pollution.

There is approximately over 100 old and unsafe nuclear power plants that will need to be shut down within the next five or ten years. We can have all the power we need without radiation and or pollution. All the power needed from natural gas at a large cost reduction that can be passed on to the consumers.

Bad News
We have learned that since 1996 that  San Onofre nuclear power plant has been using enriched radioactively hotter fuel known as high burn-up fuel. This fuel puts out a lot more heat; the fuel has a higher radioactive level and has much longer radioactive life. This requires the spent fuel will need to be cooled on-site in water-filled pools for period 12 to 15 years not the 5 years that is used for conventional nuclear fuel.  Once spent nuclear fuel cools enough then the fuel can be transferred to dry cask storage that will all be done on the San Onofre site. It will require extra electrical power to keep the HOTTER FUEL cooled down. So the NEW San Onofre Clean Green Power Machine will supply all the extra power to cool down the HOT FUEL and keep the public safe.

Good News
Our Clean Green Power Machine can be built in any size to fit and electric power generating need. We can do it locally or anywhere in the world.