New greatly improved technology for solar energy (NOT solar photovoltaic)
Let that sun shine! You will be grabbing the energy out of the sunlight! That is if you have a new SOLAR ENERGY HARVESTER. The new SOLAR ENERGY HARVESTER can be mounted on buildings, bridges, columns, the possibilities are unlimited. As long as the sun is shining on The Solar Energy Harvester will put out energy / power.

The Solar Energy Harvester is not like anything available on the market today. You have seen the conventional solar panels around the USA and the world. The Harvester is a new technology.  It can be mounted anywhere and on most anything.

Solar energy is not new, it is a proven source of electrical energy and power. Conventional Solar panels are  mounted on large tracks of land, and building roofs.  The Solar Energy Harvester can be mounted in much more locations and have a much greater out put and efficiency. 

The current solar panels technology look and works basically the same with very few variations. They come in many sizes, but very few different designs for improving energy output. The Solar Energy Harvester is a totally new and different technology with a very high out put.

The problem with conventional solar panels is??? If you take one square foot of the surface area and compare output of one square foot area, a conventional solar panel to the Energy Harvester, there will be a big difference. The Solar Energy Harvester will out perform the conventional solar panel,  even the thin film type of solar panel by a very large percentage.

The Solar Energy Harvester looks different and works with a very different technology. The Harvester will collect solar energy so much more efficiently than with present-day solar technology.

The sun shines every day so letís harvest that energy from the sun!  Letís not waste this precious commodity.  It is out there for us to harvest. Think of all the sunís energy that we wasting and not collecting, that we could be collecting very easily and efficiently. So letís get smart and collect the sunís bountiful harvest of energy. The Solar Energy Harvester will help turn our energy needs into a bountiful harvest of energy.

Where can the Solar Energy Harvester be Installed?
We can have solar energy farming anywhere on open land and in the cities. We can use roofs, building sides; walls and anywhere there is a surface. Anywhere the sun is shining we can harvest solar energy. This is a great device for everyone that wants to have a clean source of energy. Unfortunately the traditional solar panels are big and bulky and are limited on their output, and also where they can be mounted. THE SOLAR ENERGY HARVESTER is very easy to mount.

The Solar Energy Harvester can be installed by homeowners, building owners and contractors, shopping centers workers, publicworks people for their community, sporting areas, or can also be for temporary use.

The Solar Energy Harvester can be mounted along freeways, roadways, roadway center dividers, parking lots, and bridges.

The Solar Energy Harvester would be great for construction sites, camping and exploration. It can be made portable.

With the Solar Energy Harvester just imagine how much energy we could be  harvesting... The sun's energy is ready for us to harvest. 

If the Solar Energy Harvester was mounted everywhere we would be able to collect the energy to run our cities, parks, our city lights, our nation's businesses, our factories and so much more.

Who should own a Solar Energy Harvester?
The Solar Energy Harvester is for people that live in the city and rural areas.

The Solar Energy Harvester is for people that love to camp.

The Solar Energy Harvester is for people who want clean energy, with more power, and efficiency then what current technology allows.

Please let's make this happen.
If we all pull together we can have endless energy. Mr 1 Inventor has invented a new way to generate energy. Reliable solar energy can be implemented easily and inexpensively. Please help support us and what we are trying to do to solve the worlds energy problems.