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Water Sponge

Clean drinking water is becoming more expensive then gasoline.  Lack of supply, is turning grass brown, because of water shortages.  There is talk of pulling clean drinking water out of the ocean.  Desalination is very expensive.

At Mr One Inventor, we have a solution with the Water Sponge technology. The Water Sponge is low cost and very efficient.  The Water Sponge takes the water from the air.

Imagine, unlike oceans, the air is everywhere.  The Water Sponge will capture water almost anywhere in the world, all that is needed is air. How much moisture in the air will make a difference on water output.  More moisture in the air means more water output.

The water sponge is very powerful.  It can handle a small or large community, farms, cities, or suppling a thirsty nation. The Water Sponge also removes pollutants from the air in the process of removing the water. A large system will soak up many thousands of gallons a day.

When it rains the system will be able to put many more gallons of water in your reservoir without pumping the water out of the ground.